So you can both prevent malfunctions that may occur in your vehicle and protect your safety. The MINI Copper yellow engine warning light indicates an issue with the emission system of your vehicle.

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Mini cooper service light meaning. RED then be sure to pull over as soon as it is safe and call for roadside assistance as you may have a serious problem with your car. Mini dashboard warning lights what they mean. If the light begins to flash it can indicate excessive engine misfiring.

The dashboard warning lights that illuminate in her Mini might vary depending upon the model the year and also the country where it was manufactured. To make sure your MINI gets attention only when it needs it weve equipped it with Condition Based Service technology which helps save you both time and money. Read on to learn the language.

Flashing light What it means. This Mini service light means that your front brake pads are low and need changing there will be a number under this symbol indicating the number of miles left before your brakes wear out. This is a short tutorial to demonstrate how your car can anticipate when it next needs a service.

Yellow warning lights are associated with everything from maintenance to service needs so dont hesitate to reach out to our service department for assistance. Whether youre driving a Mini Cooper Mini Countryman Mini Clubman Mini Convertible or another model the warning lights on the dashboard follow a traffic light colour system. Something is not working correctly – take extra care.

My 2002 Cooper with around 12000 miles just lit up with the Service Engine Soon yellow light. Understanding Mini Service Indicator Lights. If you know what the Mini Cooper warning lights mean you can take precautions in advance to prevent accidents in your vehicle.

Mini Cooper 2007 2017 Warning Lights Northamericanmotoring. I know this is telling me to take into the dealer but I wont be able to do it until after the New Year. This article applies to the Mini Cooper 2007-2013.

MINI Warning Lights Your Complete Guide. Steady light What it means. This article applies to the Mini Cooper 2001-2006.

Mini Cooper Warning Lights Meanings Bob Smith. This icon means that your rear brake pads are low and need changing there will be a number under this symbol indicating the number of miles left before your brakes wear out. After you complete the maintenance on your Mini Cooper you will need.

Joined Jan 20 2001. Newer Mini vehicles are equipped with an electronic on-board condition-based maintenance system that is linked to the dashboard and tells drivers when maintenance is required. Yellow MINI Cooper Warning Lights Yellow warning lights on your MINI Cooper show an issue you should address.

If its red it means youre past due for a service engine brake etc go into the menu to find out which one your owners manual will tell you how you didnt say which Mini you have. The Mini comes standard with a Service Interval Display or SID located on the dashboard control panel. Complete Guide To The 64 Warning Lights On Your Dashboard Advice Driven.

If the light flashes its not functioning properly. Orange and yellow warning lights are less critical but something is wrong and should be resolved as soon as possible. Shes not due for her next service for another 11000 miles.

By Bassem Girgis – June 29 2016. The warning lights on Mini Cooper car dashboard are designed to inform you in advance if there is a problem with your vehicle. The system is working correctly or is currently in use.

The SID lights up to let you know that its time to have your Mini Cooper serviced. As a part of the Active Cruise Control System this symbol illuminates when theres a car up ahead. You are watching.

Condition Based Servicing works by monitoring parts like spark plugs filters fluids and brake pads by using service symbols and warning lights so that you dont have worry. Orange MINI Cooper Warning Light. Yellow MINI Cooper Warning Lights Meanings.

A yellow light could mean that your steering system is malfunctioning. When one of your components goes bad or is about to the sensor sends a signal to your cars computer and to notify you it comes up as a warning light. Mini cooper warning lights triangle with exclamation mark Each warning light list gives an explanation of its an interpretation detailing the fault.

The dashboard will display the miles until andor the date when your next service is required. Red or yellow depending on the type of fault it is displaying. The Mini Cooper is equipped with numerous sensors connected to most of your cars major components.

Have your MINI checked by a qualified MINI Service Partner. A steady light can signify that theres a fault in the DSC system. Hereof what does service engine soon mean on Mini Cooper.

Mini Cooper Warning Lights Mini Cooper Dashboard Symbols and Meaning By Hüseyin Aksoy Posted on October 30 2019 8 Comments The warning lights on Mini Cooper car dashboard are designed to inform you in advance if there is a problem with your vehicle. The Mini warning light cog with exclamation mark indicates issues with the transmission. The warning lights are your Mini Coopers way of telling you something is wrong.

Mini warning light cog with exclamation mark Transmission fault dashboard warning light. Green or blue warning lights indicate that your vehicle has a technological feature enabled. The symbol varies in colour.

DSC is activated and is regulating the acceleration and braking forces to stabilise your car. The 2nd generation R56 Mini Cooper is a modern advanced car with all the expected computers sensors and warning lights to let the driver know that. Orange MINI Cooper warning light symbols are indicators for the different MINI Cooper safety and driver-assist features.

This guide has been designed to help you find out what each warning light on your MINIs dashboard means and what actions you should take if one or more of them illuminates. Mini cooper 2007 2017 warning lights northamericanmotoring complete guide to the 64 warning lights on your dashboard advice driven understanding mini service indicator lights yourmechanic advice reset service light indicator mini cooper cubman oil life maintenance. When you see the check engine light illuminated in your dash it means your Mini Cooper has detected a problem within its OBD system.

If the Mini engine light is flashing yellow or red it is in your best interest to take it to an Independent Service Center for diagnosis right away. 4 Dec 25 2003. Learn how to understand your MINIs service requirements.

The Mini Cooper is a small sporty vehicle made by BMW.

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