My dealer charges 37802 for 30000 miles service. This is one of the more expensive service the dealer charges.

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The fluid helps to keep all of the components of the transmission system cooled and lubricated.

Nissan 30000 mile service cost. I spent all day doing the maintenance and covered everything that needed to be covered in the service recommendations. I did a 60000 miles service on a coworkers 06 Altima. Replace engine oil and filter.

Durations are from 24 months40000 miles to 96 months120000 miles. Beware of the stealership. Mainly oil filter engine air filter cabin filter rotate tires this part I can do myself.

Just wondering how much I should pay for the 30000 mile service including synthetic oil. Wait til 60000 miles and then address CVT Coolant and such that Nissan in their manual says you need to do. They are not your friend.

123 – 138 The 7500 mile service is a minor service and it is the primary service that all other maintenance services are built on. I love this car. It should include an oil change oil filter change and an air filter change like the previous service.

This service generally involves an oil and filter change tire rotation and a safety inspection. So should you get the 30000 mile service or not. How much does a 30000-mile service cost.

Durations are from 24 months40000 miles to 96 months120000 miles. Please contact your Nissan Dealer for a service quote. 2011 Nissan Pathfinder 30000 mile scheduled maintenance service at the convenience of your home or office Our certified mechanics come to you Backed by our 12-month 12000-mile warranty Fair and transparent pricing.

Not to be confused with third-party extended warranty plans service can be received at any Nissan dealership. At 30000 miles your car still feels new but by this point the owners manual clearly points out that a 30000 mile service is needed. What does a 30000-mile service include.

Replace engine air filter. Avg Price for 30000 Mile Service. The Rep told me I should have the CVT oil checked and replaced at 30000 miles and that only they could do it Proprietary Computer program and oil and that it was about 22500.

According to car repair websites the rough estimation for 30000-mile maintenance is somewhere between 169 and 247. Rotate tires except 370z Inspect the following. Click here for full.

Here are some thoughts to consider when assessing if the 30000 mile service is worth it. Capped Price Service applies from the date the vehicle is first registered. I charged him 100 and he paid me 150 because he said I was working too cheaply.

Your Nissan Service Advisor will be able to assist in determining your individual service requirements. 30000 Miles or 36 months also due and 60k and 90k miles 13995. Not to be confused with third-party extended warranty plans service can be received at any Nissan dealership.

When you bring your car in around 30000 miles your mechanic should perform all of the same services that he or she did during your 15000 mile check-up. My 2014 SV 4×4 CC just turned over 30000 miles. The dealer wanted 425 and I said No.

The Nissan dealer here we only have on in town said its about 810 for the complete premium service. So I take the car to the dealership the guy tells me the service package they offer and then charges me 500 bucks. A full service is recommended every year or every 12000 miles whichever comes first.

At 30000 miles the service will be a bit more in-depth. I drive a 2009 Nissan Rogue. Zero Six LE said.

Brake pads rotors drums linings. However you may also need to change the transmission fluid. Larger services for example at 30000 and 60000 miles can cost between 300 and 600 depending on what needs to be done.

Nothing else needs to be done at 30000 miles. After that most maintenance visits cost between 100 and 200. How much did you pay for yours.

Cost of the 30000 mile maintenance service for your 2017 Nissan Rogue L4-25L. But they do inspect not replace some stuff I. I was getting ready for a road trip and I realized that there were three minor recalls on the car and that it was time for the 30000-mile service.

This service will look at everything a basic service covers but the checks will go into more detail and include some additional work such as air filter replacement and in-depth brake checks. Regardless the service cost will be the same but. 370 Touring Spt At.

Im not so sure about messing with the PVC valve is necessary just yet Ive had a car almost 20 years and near 300000 miles without an issue with the PVC its not going to need service at 30k. The dealer wanted 700 for that service. Also the coolant lasts longer these days no need to do anything but check the coolant a 2015 is not due to be changed for years.

Jump to Latest Follow. Brake lines cables. However if you contact the dealer I am sure he will be glad to charge you 699 for the comprehensive 30000 mile premium maintenance package which will include the normal oil and filter change plus lubrication of the propeller shaft topping off of the flux capacitor and alignment of the verticle stabilizer.

You can do all that for less than 5000. Excludes replacement of wear and tear items additional maintenance for severe driving conditions and general maintenance. So I thought I would take it in for the 30K Service so that a lot of the major mechanical items can be inspected while servicing.

Additionally at this service point your car should get a new fuel filter and a transmission fluid flush to keep the engine and its related components working smoothly. The average cost for a full service. 1st question is does this have to be done now at 30000 miles dealer said that since it was a V6 it should and the second question is can it be done by a good japanese car shop for less.

Nissan Car Maintenance Pricing Ken Garff Nissan Riverdale

Nissan Car Maintenance Pricing Ken Garff Nissan Riverdale

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