Opposite of apprehended and placed in confinement by authorities. Near Antonyms for apprehended.

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Opposite of to discover something by guesswork or intuition.

What is the antonym for apprehended?. Opposite of hesitant or offering some resistance. What is the opposite of Impartial. Arrest by legal warrant or authority.

Opposite of tentative unsure or slow in acting or speaking. Synonyms for apprehend in Free Thesaurus. Condition state.

To take into custody. Accomplished ace compleat complete consummate crack crackerjack educated. To grasp the meaning of.

The police apprehended the burglars. Low-set reduced. Arrest catch lift nick capture seize run in take nail bust collar pinch nab take prisoner feel your collar understand.

Appreciate assimilate behold catch catch on to cognize compass comprehend. Heres a list of opposite words and antonyms. What are synonyms for apprehend.

Enfranchised free unconfined released ununderstood emancipated unrestrained Paroled liberated freed. Opposite of timid or reserved in nature. Opposite of to apprehend or arrest someone.

Opposite of to have understood or accepted the validity of. Catastrophe antonyms – 389 Opposites of Catastrophe. Opposite of to have met be acquainted or familiar with.

Amateur amateurish inexperienced inexpert jackleg unprofessional unseasoned unskilled. To expect with anxiety suspicion or fear. 2 synonyms for apprehended.

Apprehend antonyms – 356 Opposites of Apprehend. Opposite of to understand or acknowledge the existence of. 82 synonyms for apprehend.

Here you can find the antonyms list for the word apprehend. Also you can find some other opposite words using the online search on our website. Apprehended antonyms – 43 Opposites of Apprehended.

Having a lot of money. Synonyms Antonyms for apprehend. Allocated allotted allowed assigned distributed lotted rationed administered.

Antonyms for Impartial opposite of Impartial. Opposite of captured and held as a convict or prisoner. Opposite of to foresee or predict the future occurrence of.

Synonyms for apprehended in Free Thesaurus. Misapprehended misconceived misconstrued misinterpreted misperceived misread mistook misunderstood. Opposite of to have captured by force.

Opposite of reluctant to proceed due to doubts or uncertainty. Appreciate assimilate behold catch catch on to cognize compass comprehend conceive cotton to or on to decipher decode dig discern get grasp grok intuit know make make out perceive recognize register savvy see seize sense tumble to twig understand. Opposites For Related Words Like Apprehended.

Opposite of using exercising or showing caution. What are synonyms for apprehended.

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