Kids Definition of invest Entry 2 of 2 1. If you invest in something or if you invest a sum of money you use your money in a way.

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To surround envelop or embed in an investment material.

Invest definition. Investment meaning is primarily to obtain an additional source of income or gain profit from the investment over a specific period of time. An investment is an asset or item accrued with the goal of generating income or recognition. To use money to earn more money.

Invested their savings in stocks and bonds. The criteria are Independent Negotiable Valuable Estimatable Sized correctly small and TestableSee also user story. If you invest in something or if you invest a sum of money you use your money in a way that you hope will increase its value for example by putting it in a bank or buying securities or property.

To use your money with the aim of making a profit from it for example by buying property or buying shares in a. Expenditures made for income-producing assets. Just as plants and equipment are investments for manufacturers stocks and bonds are investments for individuals.

Such PBIs may be used. 1 to cause as a person to become filled or saturated with a certain quality or principle. The INVEST mnemonic for Agile software development projects was created by Bill Wake as a reminder of the characteristics of a good quality Product Backlog Item commonly written in user story format but not required to be or PBI for short.

To use your money to purchase stock in a company to buy property etc in order to make future profit. If the story fails to meet one of these criteria the team may want to reword it or even consider a rewrite which often translates into physically tearing up the old story card and writing a new one. To put out as effort in support of a usually worthy cause We invested time in the project.

To commit in order to gain a financial return. Invest synonyms invest pronunciation invest translation English dictionary definition of invest. To commit money or capital in order to gain a financial return.

An acronym coined by Bill Wake for remembering a set of criteria used to evaluate the quality of user stories. Investment definition is an asset acquired or invested in to build wealth and save money from the hard earned income or appreciation. ɪnvɛst Word forms.

Invested their savings in stocks and bonds. Property acquired for the purpose of producing income for its owner. In an economic outlook an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to generate wealth.

Into something to make a profit or get an advantage. Invested the film with his own enthusiasm for the wonders of flight. When you invest you put time or money into something hoping that there will be returns greater than what was originally put in.

An A to Z Guide to Investment Terms for Todays Investor by David L. To put money effort time etc. Learners definition of INVEST 1.

To put out money in order to gain profit She invested in a business. Synonyms Antonyms of invest. Invested investing invests v.

Or indue imbue inculcate infuse. The acronym INVEST helps to remember a widely accepted set of criteria or checklist to assess the quality of a user story. In-vest 1.

Invest definition to put money to use by purchase or expenditure in something offering potential profitable returns as interest income or appreciation in value. Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. Investing may also involve buying a particular asset with the intent to resell it later for a higher price.

An investor may be one who extends a loan or line of credit which entitles one to repayment with interest or he may buy an ownership stake in a business with the hope that the business will become profitable. Investing is the act of distributing resources into something to generate income or gain profits. To envelop in or cover another tissue or part as fascia.

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